Based in Tokyo Japan, Japan's Independent Institute Co., Ltd (Dokken/JII) is an independent research think tank that works to advise the various Japanese ministries and agencies, mainly on national security, regional analyses, and civil defense issues. We also work with a number of vital industries for their counter terrorism program development, investment strategies, risk management issues etc.

In general, most Japanese think tanks are affiliated with either governmental institutions or private financial institutions, as they receive prior basic funding from these external sources. Japan's Independent Institute is truly independent from any other organization, because we work on a contract basis for a limited period, and do not receive any other kind of basic funding from external organizations. This allows us to provide independent views, which would be difficult if we were organized otherwise.

The president, Shigeharu Aoyama served as staff reporter at Kyodo News Agency, worked at Japan's largest research think tank: Mitsubishi Research Institute, as their only national security policy expert and founded this Institute in 2002. He has also been designated as an Official Member of the Advisory Committee (Natural Resources and Energy) to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. In addition, he is a lecturer for strategy building, foreign policy, crisis management issues, civil defense issues at numerous governmental agencies, local governments and private companies.

Through provision of information and independent analyses, we provide formal and informal advice to the current policy makers and business leaders in Japan and provide assistance for in their strategy building process. As we are an active research think tank, we value our visits to foreign counterparts and specialists in similar fields, and dialogues with them. Such links are of great assistance for our decision makers, as we can learn directly from other countries' systems and experiences, as well as share the Japanese experiences.